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The history of IT.TE.DI. starts in 1976 as a result of a very definite idea: creating solutions capable of evolving and adapting to the needs of the customers and a market in constant motion.

IT.TE.DI. can manufacture all types of cutting tools for the precision metal removal industry.

Over time the company has grown in dimensions, number of customers and reference markets, investing in the internal organizational development and the implementation of the most modern technologies aiming at improving business and quality.

In 2002, the joint venture with the IMC Group opened the doors to international markets, allowing IT.TE.DI. to export their technology abroad and to gain crucial market share.

Today the IT.TE.DI. brand is recognized at an international level as a symbol of quality.  A dynamic and successful company capable of meeting the specific demands of modern markets.

IT.TE.DI. aims to become a leading company in the production and distribution of precision cutting tools for the metal removal industry.

The mission of IT.TE.DI. is to work as partners with our customers and provide solutions capable of transforming ideas into successful products.

IT.TE.DI.'s approach is to "Think Global, Act Local".  With this in mind we can provide solutions for the specific needs of our clients, while at the same time focusing on long term trends in the international market.

Meeting every necessity adapting the production activity on a global scale is today the biggest challenge that every company must deal with.

Transforming this criticality into a point of strength is what IT.TE.DI. is aiming at.

The implementation of a strategy based on integrated information is the key to make exploitable internal and external communication, to answer in a timely and effectively manner and understand the needs of the customers.

"Reliable, always and forever"

The quality of a personalized service is one of the distinctive factors that today make a difference.

Only through a relationship based on trust, knowledge and experience success can be achieved.

Enthusiasm, boldness and future orientation: IT.TE.DI. relies on a young, dynamic and well-prepared manpower.

Quality is not optional: professionalism and experience are devoted to the customer’s satisfaction.

In IT.TE.DI. solutions take shape along with the customer.

Certificato ISO 9001:2015

Logo IMC
Since 2002 IT.TE.DI. has belonged to the IMC Group; innovation, pragmatism, integrity and motivation have always been IMC’s driving force, leading the group to success.

IMC stands for International Metalworking Companies, one of the biggest groups in the world in metal machining applications.


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