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IT.TE.DI. makes special tools for precision metal removal that provide the reliable and efficient operation demanded by our customers; their satisfaction is our added value.

Our engineers work with the customer to define the characteristics of the product, and follow every design phase. We check the production process, verifying the adequacy of the finished product, and deliver a "Turnkey" project along with rapid and professional post-sale assistance. The partnership with the client is the key to guarantee winning solutions and operative results, anticipating the innovations and maximizing the profits.


Tool life is one of the major critical aspects that have to be addressed in order to optimize the customers production process. The efficiency in terms of costs and performance can be improved through an efficient regrind/repair program.

IT.TE.DI. offers the repairing of IT.TE.DI. tools to "like new" condition when possible and can modify tools to the latest design revision when modifications are necessary.

A dedicated team is in charge of repairs.  Our repair department analyses and suggests the best approach to repair/regrind/modify the tools. The repair process which is then created is followed step-by-step in order to satisfy the different requirements of the customer, from the delivery time to the constant research for improvement of the tool life.


IT.TE.DI. philosophy is founded on the product quality and customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve the quality/quantity standards of the modern production processes an efficient pre-sale service is needed.

Customers increasingly request studies of technical-economic feasibility on projects which, because of the operation complexity, the uncertainty of the requirements and the possibility of alternatives, need a deeper analysis.

IT.TE.DI. answered this need by creating an engineering team with the goal of providing all that’s needed to start the manufacturing phase.

There are three areas in which the studies are concentrated and to which the greatest attention is paid:

  • Analysis and Optimization of Existing Tools
  • Studies on Feasibility of New Tools
  • Analysis of Innovative Materials


Improving the performance and the efficiency of a product through support is what makes IT.TE.DI. stand out among its competitors. Providing technical assistance through an active approach is a key factor to success: IT.TE.DI. takes care of its customers. Problem solving and communication guide our technicians’ job, guaranteeing advantages in terms of time and achieving a qualified service during the entire life of the tool.